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Looking for Creative, Unique Baby Photography in the San Francisco Bay Area?

You have come to the right place! I have been a Bay Area baby photographer for over 15 years, and I love what I do. It is incredible to me that I get to come to work to play with babies and capture their personalities every day. I offer artistic baby photography sessions in home, on location or at my Alameda studio. Family members are always welcome in the baby session. In addition to creating a family portrait with the baby, I love to document the relationship of baby with mom, with dad, siblings and grandparents too. I am also a huge fan of including pets in the family portraits with the baby. One of my favorite subjects is baby photography with the family dog(s). Often the family dog is a baby’s first best friend – and that surely is a relationship worth capturing. I have many backgrounds and props in my studio for baby boy or baby girl photography, as well as twin baby photography. Outdoor baby photography sessions are available if the weather is suitable for the age of the baby – but in general I recommend that the baby is able to sit up on their own before we venture outdoors. For younger babies, home or studio works best.

Interested in multiple portrait sessions during the baby’s first year?

Based on my experience as a Bay Area baby photographer, and knowing as a parent how fast infants grow and change – I created a first year baby portrait plan to make it easy for parents to document the first year milestones : Oh Baby! Club. Especially created with the short attention spans of babies in mind, Oh Baby! Club features three 30 minutes sessions spread out through the first year – between the ages of three months and fifteen months.  (Newborns are not included as they require more time, but a newborn session can be added on to the plan at a discounted rate.) Oh Baby! Club sessions are offered on weekday mornings in studio, with an option for the last session to be on location near the studio when many children are often walking.  Each session includes a pre-consultation  to discuss the baby’s current abilities as well as clothing, props, themes & style.  Contact me to find out more about modern baby photography, including information on pricing for prints, albums and digital files.

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