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studio dog portraits in the East Bay - Anna Myers“So can I just tell you that I have received SOOOO many compliments on our Christmas card this year!!!  People felt compelled to even txt me on how much they liked it!  And I felt like saying, “You thought that was good?  Wait till you see the rest!!”  The pictures are FANTASTIC!!  We really are so happy with them.   Thank you again!!!  Really great pictures!!!”

Jeanette Abe – Family Portraits

“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of working with you. Gorton and I felt so comfortable with your guidance during both our maternity session and our newborn session, and we were thrilled to see the results! We have received many glowing complements of our family portraits and baby pictures, and I am absolutely in love with the shots you took of Catherine. I’m sure I stop at least once a day to look upon at least one or two. The funny thing was, my company made me go to a photo session for professional head shots at Sear’s just about 2 weeks after we received our order. I hope I never have to see those shots again (but will probably have to face it whenever I see our company website!). During that entire experience, I kept hearing your voice saying, “If you just want pictures, you can goto a mall or something, but what we do here is art and an investment.” I knew you were right when you told us this at the time, but what a way to drive the point home! We look forward to working with you more in the future!”
– Janice Chin maternity & newborn client

“Hi Anna!
I got all my pictures just the other day! You should’ve seen me, it was like Christmas morning. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything! The shoot was so much fun and the prints turned out GREAT! I’m already almost out of wallets! Hahah :) Well this will definately won’t be the last shoot we do together!
Thank you!! -Kim Wong :)” High School Senior Portraits

“Hey Anna, Thanks for sending the link. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people loved the birth announcements and many even said it was the most beautiful announcement they have ever seen! Take care and thanks so much!”
– Sophie newborn client

“anna – i am speechless!!!! i thought the photos would look nice, BUT these look AMAZING!!! ”
– Asha Rubin- Family Portraits

“Thank you again! I have been so delighted by every aspect of working with you. Your creativity shows in your work, your practicality in the basics of getting ready, your business skills in how well structured the choices and process are, and your personal skills of connecting so well with all of us to get some great glimpses of who we are onto paper. ”
– Kathleen Gallagher – Maternity / Family and Newborn Portraits

“Anna, we continue to receive nothing but wonderful comment on the photographs! You have created a collection for us that will live on for generations. We view your site often and await the grand kids so we can do it again. Thank You so much for your outstanding effort and work.”
Mark & Patty Bower – Family Session

“We got our album today and adore it. We bought a house this weekend, and we’re looking forward to displaying it, as well as hanging the framed pieces. Thanks again for everything. I think if we ever have another child we’ll have to make a special trip to SF just for one year portraits:)”
Best, Jason & Regina Folken – 1 year session

“I just wanted to send an email to tell you that Mark and I were beyond thrilled with the photos. I expected a few that were good but there were so many that really captured our happiness!! You can just tell by looking at them how much fun we are having. I can’t wait to get the finished products! And let me know when the link is posted so I can share with my friends. Thank you again, you did such a fabulous job, way beyond our expectations.”
Lisa Stein – Couple Session

“I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for being a wonderful photographer. I have been photographing for sometime, but just decided to really start my buisness this year. From time to time I look online to see the kind ofwork that my peers are doing and honestly, you are among a slim few from the bay area whose work is stunning. Your passion for this craft truly comes thru in your images…I love that!
Many Blessings and continued success!”

“I have to tell you that I was really blown away at your work! The images, thanks to you, were above and beyond what I expected….Zach just loved them. He was hesitant at first but once he saw them, he just melted. I want to thank you again for such a pleasurable experience and making me feel very at ease. I cant wait to bring Miles and Hannah into the studio for their session :)”
Christina – Maternity Session

” I enjoyed our session and both dogs were quite exhausted afterward (always a good sign). Thank you so much for making it a good experience. ”
cj, zippy & barbara – dog session

“You are an outstanding photographer and we had a difficult time choosing photos because they were all so good. You most definitely will get referrals from us and we will continue to use you as our partners need business shots as well.”
– Deloitte & Touche

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the album and it is more that I could have hoped for – it is absolutely beautiful and I have never looked that good! ”
Nicola – Newborn Family Session

“I just loved working with you, and I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on our holiday cards. People not only love the quality of the picture, but they are really excited about the statement it makes. I’m so happy you encouraged me to send out the one of the 4 of us. It’s a great picture. ”
Amy Roizen – Family Session

“Hi Anna! Just wanted to tell you how great the photos of baby Kevin are. I’m a bit prejudiced but you catch all the little expressions that make him so cute. Thanks for the great work. ”
– Loretta – Grandma

“Thanks again for your help,your terrific work and the opportunity to work with you. I got great feedback from people – so your subjects also enjoyed their experience. ”
– Carolyn – Corporate Headshots

“Several years ago I saw a calling card that Anna had left at a local business in the neighborhood where I live. The image on her calling card was so striking, that I gave her a call. Soon after, we met at Crown Memorial beach where she took some of the most beautiful and memorable pictures of my husband, children and me. She has been the only photographer that I go to, (or will go to), ever since.

I refer people to her on a regular basis (weddings, headshots, girlfriends who are expecting). I think she has a wonderful eye for color, lighting, and visual resonance. Add to this her ability to put you at ease with her collective calm, professionalism, and personal charm.

If you go with Anna as your photographer, I can assure you that you’re not only in good hands, you’re in the best hands around. You’ll be wonderfully pleased with the results. ”
– Olivia – Portraits

“OH – MY – GOD!!! That’s all I can say. The pictures are absolutely *stunning* :) Thanks so much for everything Anna, you’ve been wonderful to work with and your work is more amazing than we had ever hoped for. ”
– Ayelet & Opher – Album

“Everyone so enjoys working with you, and you are capturing great images!”
– Jill – SutterHealth

“Anna, I don’t know how I got so lucky. I never thought I would find someone of your caliber from a google search. My team and I were very impressed with you and I know that we will get some great photos. ”
– Noelle Gambill