– photo by Kimberly Sayre

 about anna

Hello! I am a modern portrait artist who specializes in photographing people of all ages.   I started taking photography seriously when my first daughter was born and I felt responsible for documenting her life. I fell in love with photographing babies and children – so I became a computer programmer in order to  afford to pay rent (young single parent) and buy food and film.  Fast forward a bunch of years, and my love for photography and computers merged when digital cameras became viable for portrait photography.  In 2000, I opened my portrait studio in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am equally comfortable using strobes as professional lighting in studio as well as natural light and off-camera flash for outdoor sessions and on location shooting throughout the Bay Area. I am known for my modern fine art portraits of maternity, newborn, babies, toddlers, children, family, and teens.

A few quick things about me…

  • I love family. I come from a large family (7 kids) and my husband and I together have a blended family of 6 daughters and 10 grandchildren (and counting).
  • I am an avid runner. My favorite places to run in the Bay Area are the Oakland hills and San Francisco beaches – basically any dog friendly off-leash trails to explore with my Border Collie. You will often find me in the early mornings running the streets of Alameda with my dog Ginger.
  • I drive a big white transit van – when I pull up you can’t miss me. The plan is to build out the inside and be able to take road trips to visit our family.
  • I love music that you can dance to, spicy food, traveling near and far to explore new places and meet people. I am fascinated with people of all ages.
  • Besides running my photography business, I am also a real estate investor.
  • I am still quite the computer nerd.

some behind the scenes shots, and my dog ginger...