Toddler Adventure Club

fun toddler photography sessions on location in the san francisco bay area - anna myers

Toddler Adventure Club sessions are just that – an adventure where your toddler gets to play and do what they love to do while I capture their personality

Toddler Adventure Club – Modern Toddler Photography Portrait Plan in the San Francisco Bay Area

The increasingly popular Toddler Adventure Club is a great fit for the unique needs of toddlers and their busy parents. Each of the 3 toddler photography sessions is an easy, fun outdoor excursion for your child, at a location that is in line with their interests and capabilities. For example a set of cruising, crawling twins will have room to safely roam at a colorful urban location with fun toddler photography props such as a vintage box to drum on, a big soft armchair to jump on, and bubbles I provide to chase. For a fully fledged walker with a love of trains and trucks, we may wander along an abandoned railroad track with their favorite trains and toy truck in hand.  A budding diva is welcome to bring her dress up tutu as we play in a garden or meadow, finding ladybugs and singing lots of princess songs along the way. Frequently the toddler photography sessions begin with the toddler playing with their parents – this not only establishes a comfort level as they ease into the session, but allows me to capture artistic family portraits as well. Before you know it, the sessions are over and the outcome is modern, creative toddler photography! Because you know the time will go by – and if you take the time for professional artistic portraits to document your child at each stage, it is an investment you will never regret.

Enrolling in Toddler Adventure Club is $475 and includes:

– Three (3) 60 minute weekday morning location sessions for ages 14 months up to 3 1/2 years.

– Each session features your choice of a location near the studio (further out locations are possible but may require a travel fee) and two or more outfits. Most toddlers do two outfits per session as changing clothes is not a favorite activity for toddlers.

– Each session also includes a 30 minute pre-consultation over the phone with Anna to plan out the session. A week after the session, your images are viewed at the post-consultation in studio or via online web conference (webex is only available for clients familiar with studio products or those who only want to purchase digital files). Clients will typically view 40 to 50 images from each session at their post-consultation.

– Siblings, pets and family members are always welcome for parts of the session, but the overall session time of 60 minutes will stay the same as it is specifically set for the attention span and energy of toddlers.

– Add more Toddler Adventure Club sessions for $150 each and save $95 over regular location session fees. (Addtl travel fees may apply for locations more than 20 minutes from the studio.)

– There are no prints or files included with the club fee. These are purchased separately for each session or can be purchased as a package that covers all three sessions. In general clients spend an average of $500 to $1200 per toddler session on print products –  Contact me for full pricing info on prints, album, wall collages and digital files.


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